Brand Identity, Marketing, Business Strategies

Mentair Group is an aviation safety auditing, training and consulting organization dedicated to helping good companies minimize their risk exposure and maintain their high safety standards. Barton Visions was privileged to offer business advice, branding and marketing support to Mentair Group at its formation. We created a unique name, logo and professional brand identity for Mentair Group. The clean, two-color logo combines the image of a jet with the beginning of the organization’s name and can be easily replicated on a variety of promotional products in a cost-effective manner.

The name Mentair provides instant search engine optimization and uniqueness. It also communicates the mentoring, or training, that the organization exists to provide to the aviation industry. Barton Visions created everything that Mentair Group needed to represent itself professionally including:

·        Domain establishment & web hosting

·        Email configuration

·        Computer software and hardware acquisition consulting 

·        Website design and creation

·        Brochures & business cards

·        PowerPoint slides & postcard mailers

Barton Visions is represented on the Mentair Group executive board and enjoys providing consulting, marketing, advising and vendor relations management to the organization on an ongoing basis. With it’s sure footing, the sky is truly the limit for Mentair Group.

“Pat Barton leads Barton Visions as an excellent listener and business consultant. He has a unique ability to take his artistic talents and put those to work for you. His artistic excellence, progressive marketing ideas, IT genius and business acumen make him a passionate, knowledgable and fun person to work with. His company can do the same job quicker and with more personal attention than a large scale marketing firm.”

- Nathan Predoehl, CEO Mentair Group


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