This section provides a look into the wide variety of services Barton Visions can offer. Feel free to browse through the different categories highlighting these categories. Our client work section is not all-inclusive of every project all the work we have done for each client. We hope it illustrates the extensive experience by the variety of projects.
We have recently established our eCommerce for those interested in purchasing any of the photography captured by Patrick E. Barton. This is offered as a sub-domain and all our photo galleries are presented.

Our fine art creations were featured in a European exhibit in 2010. Upon Patrick's return, he decided to build out a variety of these unique designs. These tiled pieces are really derived from his attempt to capture what mother nature displays naturally. As he spent time during post product and sorting through his underwater photos he realized that he had a pretty significant library of images that he simply "snapped" and recorded. Many of these images were based on his amazement of color combinations, pattern and other forms that were so intriguing he wanted to bring them home for himself, with no commercial intention. These tiled pieces tend to introduce the colors and patterns to the eye before the actual subject is realized. His first installments were made with no supports, just mounted on walls. A need arose to make them portable for shows and for customers that didn't want them permanently mounted. Currently these are offered with Machined metal boxes or a variety of acrylic sheets. Each of these backs are custom made with integrity in regards to products and materials to ensure long lasting quality. These are perfect center pieces for offices or residential applications.

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