Our Sailing adventures include one of the area's most experienced Captains, Steve Hosch. Steve has been operating various size vessels, in a wide array of locations, in many parts of the world. Some of Steve's prominent experience is in the Pacific Northwest and Caribbean. Steve's favorite training is to take a group to the British Virgin Islands and spend the days jumping from island to island on a selection of Mono hulls or Catamarans, depending on the group's choice. The British Virgin Islands offer a complete sailing experience in a calm and relaxing fashion. Whether you are already a seasoned sailor or you want to learn the art of sailing from the beginning, Steve can accommodate almost all desires. Our trips are designed to offer a choice of total relaxing with Steve at the helm or jump in and take control with his guidance. We can tailor your trip to focus on the skills you desire. Some examples of advanced training provided:

  • Navigation
  • Gain experience on larger vessel
  • Heavy Weather sailing
  • Anchoring and Mooring
  • Docking and Boat handling skills
  • Understanding and reading the weather
  • Performance Sailing (racing)
  • Understanding Boat Systems
  • Coast Guard Rules of the Road
  • Rigging

We offer Motor Vessel training as well.

We would love to have a discussion about your business needs.